Obstacle Zones

Face off against the toughest obstacles you’ll find to put your limits to the test!

Instead of traditional single obstacles, there are 4 Obstacle Zones spread across Singapore’s city centre, with each mega zone comprising a combination of challenging obstacles.

Here are some sneak peeks to prepare yourself for what’s Men’s Health Urbanathlon is about:

Tanjong Pagar Centre, Guoco Tower

Pit your endurance against Singapore’s tallest building! Complete a 37-storey vertical run, and be rewarded with an unobstructed view of Singapore’s city centre, and great photo opportunities to share your accomplishment.

Field opposite Marina Bay Financial Tower 3

Negotiate your way through a sea of shipping containers and barricades,
where your agility is put to the test.

Field opposite Golden Landmark

Make your way through our first-ever maze running obstacle zone, where
you’ll encounter various obstacles such as the Monkey Bar, Tyre Grab and
Pole Traverse.

Should you fail to complete any of the obstacles within the maze,
you will be sent further back into the maze.

Shaun Tupaz (OneFM 91.3 Producer), Maxi Lim and Charlie Goh (from Ah Boys To Men) attempted the various obstacles in the Maze Runner– such as Monkey Bar, Tyre Swing, Pole Traverse. Can’t complete any of the obstacles? You will be sent further back into the maze.


Urban Warrior Course

Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza

A brand new multi-stage obstacle structure with grueling challenges that only the fittest can survive.
Stage 1 Quad Steps: Hop on angled boards to avoid touching the ground.
Stage 2 Peg Board: Use 2 wooden pegs to traverse across the board.
Stage 3 Horizontal Salmon Ladder: Do a pull-up with a metal bar and end the pull up with sucient vertical velocity to raise the bar to the next ‘step’ on the ladder, and complete the prescribed number of steps.

Should you fail to complete any of Stages 1 to 3, you will face a penalty of 40 push-ups before you are allowed to proceed to the next stage.

Stage 4: Finally, meet the highlight of the Urban Warrior course – the Warped Wall. Run up the 3.6m high wall and climb over it to claim your bragging rights as an Urban Warrior!

Watch how Allan Wu takes on the final Urban Warrior Course at Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza that pushes your limits like never before!

Watch this space as more sneak peeks will be uploaded here.