Catch these personalities at the celebrity showdown as they challenge the Urban Warrior Zone!
4 March 2017
Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza
Celebrity Showdown
  • Allan Wu (Fly Entertainment)
  • Glenn Ong (ONE FM 91.3 DJ)
  • Cheryl Miles (ONE FM 91.3 DJ)
  • Shan Wee (ONE FM 91.3 DJ)
  • Andre Hoeden (ONE FM 91.3 Producer)
  • Shaun Tupaz (ONE FM 91.3 Producer)
  • Harry Corro (ONE FM 91.3 DJ)
  • Elliott Danker (ONE FM 91.3 DJ)
  • Low Wei Loong (UFM FM 100.3 DJ)
  • Maxi Lim (Fly Entertainment) (Photo Credit Joel Low)
  • Charlie Goh (Fly Entertainment) (Photo Credit Joel Low)
  • Noah Yap (Fly Entertainment) (Photo Credit Joel Low)
  • Bunz (Fly Entertainment) (Photo Credit Joel Low)
  • Fabian Kwok (S-League Soccer Player)
  • Wallace Ang (Beam Artistes)
  • Adrian Jalaludin (Beam Artistes)
  • Caleb Wong (Beam Artistes)
  • Fiona Lim (Beam Artistes)
  • Claire Jedrek (Pro Racer Couple)
  • Yuey Tan (Pro Racer Couple)
Other personalities joining the race
  • Priscilla Chew (Running Influencer)
  • Baldwin Choy (Running Influencer)
  • Anne Qi Hui (Running Influencer)
  • Jeri Chua (Running Influencer)
  • Randall Tan (Yellow Fellow)